ISF WatchKeeper

Watchkeeper takes care of all the on-board requirements for demonstrating compliance with crew work and rest hour regulations:

  • Crew list capture
  • Real time compliance testing for all current regulations (STCW 2010, the ILO MLC, US OPA 90 and OCIMF recommendations)
  • Report generation in the required formats

“The software has enabled vessels to monitor more closely any repeating deficiencies and adjust future working routines onboard in order to prevent excessive working hours and reduce fatigue onboard”

Chris Bravery, Quality & Compliance Director, CMA Ships

ITE Services

ITE Services is the new name for all support and hosting services provided by IT Energy.

We are on a new mission to provide a full range of IT services to any size company or individual within the UK* with a clear and cost-effective price tag.

We believe that some of the core values that come with IT services have gone missing in the 21st Century and we would like to put them back in place. When did we start accepting that it is ok to contact different IT companies for different services, receive numerous invoices, and get stuck playing helpdesk roulette hoping that the person who has your case is not reading from a script sheet and actually knows you........

We say no more!! It's time to restore some order and get back the IT services companies & individuals deserve. One contract address, the same people handling your queries, and all on one invoice.

For more information on our services, click here.

*onsite customer support only available in the London area and selected areas in the SouthEast.

Custom Development

With over 17 years experience in providing custom enterprise solutions to the Energy and Shipping sectors, IT Energy understands the requirements these industries like few other software development companies.

The best technologists are those that understand business goals and processes. They can find the optimal technology to meet those goals and dovetail with those processes quickly and cost effectively. Though goals may be common across industries, processes are not. It takes time to understand an industry sector.  Apart from the largest IT service companies, few companies are able to execute well in more than a handful of industries.  IT Energy is selective about the sectors it services.

The Energy and Shipping industries have been a core focus for IT Energy’s custom development business for over a decade. These verticals have highly demanding customers – and IT Energy has proven it has what it takes to meet those demands.  IT Energy’s client base includes some of the largest companies in Energy and Shipping.

They turn to IT Energy for deep, specialist technical expertise, an ability to quickly grasp  requirements and the means to come up with high quality, innovative solutions.  If your company is involved in  Energy or Shipping, with an IT issue or bottleneck, we are the ones who can help you.

ISF WatchKeeper
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Custom Development

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